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Hi, there! I’m Paty Ventura. I’m a Sacramento based Visual Designer, Developer, Photographer, Content Creator, Online Marketer, or to save you some time, I’m a Creative Professional.

I started my creative journey with Photography at 14 years old. I begged my parents to use my Quinceñera money to buy me a camera. To my surprise, they actually listened to me (for once in my teenage life) & got me a Nikon 5100! That literally changed my life & helped me go down the creative path that led me to own my design studio today.

I love working with small businesses & online brands! I love that I get to create and build a brand they love & create unique content to share with the world.

I reached out to Bri through DM on Instagram. I saw what she was doing with The Women of Sacramento account & wanted to know how I could help her grow the community & contribute value to the city I love.


Connect. Empower. Thrive.

The Women of Sacramento is dedicated to keeping business local and female powered through quarterly brunches, monthly mixers, and an online network.

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