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Our Influencer Program will connect business owners to reputable influencers in Sacramento. Utilizing all social media platforms, participating influencers will post sponsored content relevant to their unique brand.

We will be strategic and use valuable content that adds to your social media presence. Any sponsored content will be done aesthetically ensuring value on both sides.

Sacramento Influencers

The badass women on this page were hand picked by our team to represent the Women of Sacramento in new projects. 

Analise Rivero


Britt Donovan


Brianna Soares


Ashley Newell

Chady Dunmore


Liliana Avila


Jasmin Ong


Erica Holland


Kyra Klopp


Hanna Hermanson


Heather Williams


Kimberly Prince


Sara Romo


Stephanie Deschaine


Meghan Vanderford


Tori Overmyer


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I understand I will be posting 1-5 sponsored posts on my story each month to support women owned small businesses in Sacramento.

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The Women of Sacramento is dedicated to making a woman’s professional life more personal by gathering together the people, places, and spaces they need to connect.

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