How to Create a Purpose Based Marketing Experience

by | Aug 9 | Business

Marketing is all about two things: the story you’re trying to tell and the purpose behind the message.

Marketing is about connecting with your audience. Marketing is about creating trust, establishing a bond and letting your audience know that you *get* them.

Marketing is an ever changing industry & currently it involves knowing the “why” behind your message & the “nice” behind your story.

You see, the public doesn’t want ads anymore – they want experiences. They aren’t so quick to hit the buy button unless they know they are supporting a company that does good in the world – by giving back and solving problems instead of pocketing their ROIs.

Know your purpose

Make sure to have a greater good. A great example is Patagonia. They’re an athletic wear company but they don’t just sell sweaters and winter-wear, they use their ROI by being an advocate for climate change.

When you know your purpose, you’ll be able to relate your brand to your audience on a personal level, assuring them that you have the same world view and can trust your brand will follow through on doing the “right” thing.

Your Audience are Your Allies

Find like-minded people with a common purpose and work together on embracing your purpose. Just like the African proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Having the support of your group let’s your audience know that you’re not just another company, you guys are partners, you guys are friends! You are using their support to make a powerful impact of good in the world. Aligning yourself and your company with the similarities that your audience has, will allow you to go farther than you imagined.

Think of friends, and not consumers

Treating your audience as consumers means that your relationship and conversations you’re having with them is one-sided. No one wants that! That’s boring (and a little rude).

When you make the switch from Consumer to Friend, you’ll instantly see your relationship with your audience go from “transactional” to “transformational”. You will be able to have a richer, multidimensional relationship with your audience and it will make it easier to present your brand to them and the rest of their friends as a common ground.

Don’t Advertise! Solve problems instead.

Stop with the ads and start telling a story. Your business exists because you’re solving a problem. Whether it’s an all-in-one organic cleaning solution or a marketing agency for small businesses, focus on the solution of the problem you’re solving.

Don’t forget about social proof!

Back up the purpose of your brand by creating proof. This is where content marketing comes to play. Create content promoting the PURPOSE behind your brand. And because your friends will support you, they will share your story.

If you’re selling organic cleaning products because you hate the smell and harmful chemicals in bleach – talk about the good behind your organic cleaning solution. Share stories about how everyday people are using organic products (just like yours) to better their lives and the lives of their loved ones by using products with all natural organic ingredients.

In conclusion

You cannot solve your marketing woes through buying advertising space. You must make a connection to your customers, and get new customers, by focusing on their true pain points and healing them with information.

Before you even think about crafting a story, make sure that you are fully in tune with who you’re speaking to. Only then can you fully reap the benefits of a “Purpose Based Marketing Experience”

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