There’s something to be said when over one hundred strong, ambitious women gather under one roof, especially to drink wine. There is a certain buzz in the room. Generally, when you get that many women in one place, there tends to be judgmental whispers and glares. Last Thursday’s Women of Sac Launch Party was quite the opposite.


The amount of support, encouragement, and straight up positivity that filled the room made my heart beam. There was this apparent aura of kindness and acceptance that is rarely found elsewhere. Bailarin Cellars was filled to capacity with beautiful women, inside and out. More hugs were given then I could count! The diversity among the community truly reflects the heart of the Women of Sac.


Kennedy Garcia, Founder of The Dream Academy

At each of our events, we partner with different nonprofits to raise awareness and money to donate. For the launch party, we partnered with Kennedy who is the founder of The Dream Academy. The Dream Academy by Spiritual Boss Chick was created to transform the perspective of dreaming for girls. They equip girls to live their dreams by helping them imagine all they can become through optimizing their faith, potential and education while also expanding their networks and providing solutions that eliminate barriers. Through our raffle on Thursday, we raised over $200 for The Dream Academy, so THANK YOU so much for participating!!



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HUGE thank you to our amazing photographer Paige Castro (@paigeaustinphoto) !!!