brunch.™ will be hosted at

Kimpton Sawyer Hotel

Sunday, September 22 at 11am

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brunch.™ gives you an opportunity to network and build relationships with like-minded-women.


brunch.™ is the catalyst of valuable information, relationships and empowering keynotes!


brunch.™ is where you get plugged in to your community, share your goals, and thrive.

✨ Keynote speaker

Laticia “Action” Jackson

Fitness Olympian, Survivor of Domestic Violence, Globally Recognized Women’s Health and Fitness Expert, 10 x Author, U.S.A.F. Veteran, Transformational Speaker and CEO of N-Powered Coaching Academy, Laticia “Action” Jackson.

“As a transformational speaker, I am on a mission to ignite fire, life and purpose within my audience. I have an amazing ability to take my audience on a ride of personal truth that stops at pain hidden by success, knocks on the door of pretense and shouts in the face of fear. I am real, I am bold, I am fire!”

✨ panelists

Tina Reynolds

CEO & Founder of
Uptown Studios

Hola Motuapuaka

CEO & Owner of Mylacor Wine and Spirits & Status Sparkling Wine

Tiffani Sharp

CEO & Founder of WOC Canna and Willow Tree Roots

Alaina Galenti

CEO & Founder of Freckle of Light

Audrey Chaney

Real Estate Agent & Interior Stylist

Don’t Miss Out!

About Brunch.™

brunch.™ is an awesome opportunity to network with other professional, creative women. Bring your business cards and other important literature that pertains to your business or affiliate and be prepared to be intentional with the connections you will create!

brunch.™ is a platform for all women in Sacramento to THRIVE! Through our highly anticipated Small Business Fair, powerful speeches, and invaluable networking opportunities, this event is the catalyst of valuable relationships and empowering information!

For Business Owners

Hundreds of women from all over the Sacramento region gather at brunch.™ to connect with ambitious women , support local brands , and leave feeling empowered.

Market your business to our audience for guaranteed growth.

Brunch. Partnerships

For complete details of our Partnership tiers, view the PDF here.

brunch.™ Small Business Fair

Vendors from all over the Sacramento region will be presenting their products for purchase. We are dedicated to keeping business local, and female powered.

To become a vendor, fill out the application. We will be on direct contact with you after your submission. 

Promenade Vendor

Promenade vendors have the opportunity to have Sawyer residents and guests shop their tables.

Patio Vendor

Patio vendors will be featured in front of our brunch.™ guests exclusively.

Connect. Elevate. Grow.

The Women of Sacramento is dedicated to making a woman’s professional life more personal by gathering together the people, places, and spaces they need to connect.

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