Founder of Women of Sac & Owner of Warrior Woman Fitness

About Brianne

Brianne Norberg was born in Sacramento, CA and has been rooted in this city for the last ten years. She has always been an entrepreneur and believes her purpose in life is to support and serve others . She has been a personal trainer for over four years running her training business, Warrior Women Fitness, downtown Sacramento.

The Women of Sacramento was conceptualized mid 2018 after Brianne took to social media in hopes of finding women owned businesses. The response was overwhelming. After creating a database of this information, she knew that others needed access to this knowledge to help cultivate the small business community of Sacramento.

Her goal was to connect those in need with women providing the service, ultimately keeping business local and female powered. She partnered with Stephanie Bozzalla in creating inspirational, dynamic events to provide a platform for the women of Sacramento to thrive. Brianne is passionate about supporting and empowering women.

Connect. Elevate. Grow.

The Women of Sacramento is dedicated to making a woman’s professional life more personal by gathering together the people, places, and spaces they need to connect.

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