5 Ways Community Can Elevate Your Life

Community is a key component to building a network, growing as an individual and promoting your business. Not only does the support of other community members strengthen your confidence, but it also encourages inspiration and creativity.

Here are 5 ways joining and engaging in a community can elevate your life: 

Photo courtsey of Paige Austin Photo. Field Trip Event: Working Woman Project

1. Connecting to opportunities

Actively engaging in your community will allow you to expand your network and circle of contacts. Not only will local niche services be available to you, but you will have the opportunity to share and receive resources from other women. Being an active community member can elevate your personal and professional reputation by connecting you with women who share the same passions and ambition and who want to support you. How do you engage in your community? Step one: Go to their events! Women of Sac hosts multiple events every month! Check out the event calendar and go get plugged into your community!

Photo courtsey of Paige Austin Photo. Field Trip Event: Vision Boards 

2. Knowledge

Diversity in a community is imperative to the development and growth of the individual member. We can all learn from each other. Every member has a unique story to tell which can help us understand and respect each other more. You have the opportunity to expand your awareness and gain insight on diverse topics from women that may not look identical to you. The only way to experience this underutilized gift is to get plugged in by attending events and meeting other members of the community.    

Photo courtsey of Diamond Base. Event: Women in Power Brunch

3. Inspiration

We are all creative in our own ways. Where we draw that inspiration is occasionally hard to find. When you are surrounded by other artistic, ambitious, talented women, it’s only a matter of time that your creative juices start flowing and a new idea, product, design pops into your brain.

Photo courtsey of Paige Austin Photo. Event: Women of Sac Launch Party

4. Purpose/Give back

We have the privilege to make an impact in this city. It is our duty as proud members of this community to try and make Sacramento a better place to live. When we donate our time, talents and money, we are able to lift the burdens of others and be a positive light in their lives. As members of the Women of Sac, we can come together a make a difference. We have upcoming fundraiser events and outreach programs planned for the future!

Photo courtsey of Paige Austin Photo. Field Trip: Vision Boards

5. Benefits

Joining a community definitely has its perks. The Women of Sac offers a local discounts program where women-owned businesses provide a percentage discount to members! How awesome is that? We also host multiple events for members every month!

Every third Thursday we host a Mastermind Mixer where one of our members leads the discussion on a specific topic. From self-care to building an email list, we cover all of the important topics to equip you for success.

Our Field Trip events are hosted by women owned businesses in Sacramento to help promote their brands while building community. We have visited businesses like Doma Studio, The Makers Place, and our next one is at Nekter Juice Bar! These are fun filled events created to give back while enjoying each other’s company.

Hang out with us!

We are in a season of empowerment and local pride. It’s important to get plugged in by attending events and engaging in conversations online and in person to broaden our knowledge and awareness. If you haven’t taken the step to fully submerge yourself into the Women of Sac community, come check out one of our upcoming events and experience all of the awesomeness we can offer!